How to Backup Current Settings Before Upgrading Google android Homescreen

You must be ROOTED, in order for you to be able to backup all adjustments quickly and easily for a new full restore in order to a different develop. This is helpful if running Android upon a Windows Portable device such as the HD2, you can quickly switch to different builds that come out regular. Take into account, this method only for any kind of Android device. It could back up anything, home screen, widget to messaging, in addition to your Database.
A. Download Ti Backup” in the Google android Market
B. First time you open this software, tick the “Problems? ” button. it can download the most current version of Busybox, added command line utilities used to be able to backup data.
C. Hit “Backup/Restore”
G. Tap the “Menu” button or hard button
E. Select “Batch”
F. Faucet “Run” close to “Backup all user programs + system data”
G. Leave everything selected about this screen. We will selectively choose what to be able to restore in our own new build. Having everything backed up means you won’t skip anything.
H. Ensure “Kill active apps” is selected
My partner and i. Tap “Run the particular batch operation”
T. Tip: While this is running, tap into the screen just about every now and again to assure your phone doesn’t time away. just to get safe for any kind of auto-killers that may possibly be running
E. Restart your telephone
Restore: after modifying builds: Remember: In the event that youre running inside of a WM gadget, download first the APK for Titanium Backup and location it inside your Android os Apps folder regarding easy access on your first boot.
Some sort of. Skip as a lot of a new Android os Setup screens while possible. No need to waste time here when it is going to be restored with Ti.
B. Go into settings and fixed up your Search engines Account.
B1. Following placing the accounts, set it to be able to NOT sync.
B2. Be sure to be able to do this BEFORE going into industry, or typically the syncing could happen instantly. The reason with regard to achieving this is to avoid overwriting it just about all with Titanium information
C. Next Get into “Settings -=> Applications” in addition to check “Unknown Sources”
D. Re-acquire Ti Backup (unless you had the APK in the Android Apps folder) and hit the “Problems? ” press button to install in your new build up.
E Tap “Backup/Restore”
F. Press the “Menu” button (hard button)
G. Choose “Batch”
H. Hit “Run” alongside “Restore missing apps + all system data”
J. If you are repairing the exact equal Build:
j1. Press “Select All”
j2. Choose “App+Data”
K. Should you be restoring some sort of different Build or even upgrading to some new version of the Develop:
Jeetwin apk
k1. Click “Deselect All”
k2. Select “App+Data”
k3. Choose all Green things (These are your settings)
k4. Pick all Crossed out there items (These are generally the apps not included in your build)
k5. Select virtually any other items an individual know are typically the same as part of your build, and that you desire to restore options with regard to
L. Push “Run the batch operation”
M. With regard to each application that will the install fast comes up intended for, hit “Install” in addition to then “Done. very well
N. Restart your own android phone
O. On next start, if you find “Problem Loading Gadget” on some icons, you should remove them from the house screen and re-install them manually.


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